I love how much control I have over my feelings finally. I thought growing apart from him would be so hard but I’ve become such a happier person and I rarely ever think about how I miss being friends. Other people have come into my life which has made
it so much easier and I’m so happy

Do you wanna know what’s not fair? My emotions constantly being played with by you. One day being told all these amazing things and then the next acting like you don’t know me. Every time I stop caring you do something extremely sweet and nice which makes me very happy and then each and every time you act like an asshole a couple days after. It’s not fucking fair and it’s making me look like such a weirdo for caring so much but if they heard the things I get told by this person, they’d care just as much as I do. It’s so hard not to but I can’t keep getting this upset anymore

😊 that is me right now if I were an emoji